What Nationality Is Diane Kruger?

Who is Diane Kruger married to?

Guillaume Canetm.

2001–2006Diane Kruger/Spouse.

Does Diane Kruger have an accent?

Diane Kruger is always fabulous in any role. In real life, she’s also always fabulous with any accent. Kruger, who was born in Germany, lives part-time in France and does a lot of work there in French films. As a result, she has killer accent skills, able to go between German, French, and American accents flawlessly.

What age is Diane Kruger?

44 years (July 15, 1976)Diane Kruger/Age

What is Diane Kruger worth?

Diane Kruger Net Worth: Diane Kruger is a German actress and former model who has a net worth of $24 million.

Does Diane Kruger have a child?

Diane Kruger gave birth to her baby girl in November 2018, but she and her boyfriend, Norman Reedus, have kept their daughter on the down-low since welcoming her to the family.

How many languages can Diane Kruger speak?

EnglishFrenchGermanLatinDiane Kruger/LanguagesDiane Kruger speaks German, French, and English. And at the age of 15, Kruger moved to Paris to pursue a modeling career, subsequently picking up the French language.

Can Sandra Bullock speak German?

Watch Bullock speak German. … The Gravity actress was born in Virginia, but spent much of her childhood accompanying her mother, a German opera singer, on European concert tours. She learned the language from her mother, German family members, and through her involvement in an opera’s children’s choir in Germany.

How old is Diane Keaton today?

74 years (January 5, 1946)Diane Keaton/Age

Are Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus married?

In 2017, Reedus and Kruger were spotted together on numerous occasions and then word of Kruger’s pregnancy broke in early 2018. Although the couple do have a daughter together, they are not currently married.

Who is the father of Diane Kruger’s baby?

Diane Kruger, who has kept her daughter out of the public eye since welcoming her last year, shared a rare photo of the 9-month-old with the “Troy” actress’ boyfriend Norman Reedus.

Is Diane Kruger German?

Kruger, 41, was born in Germany and lived there until her teens. After a start in modeling, she made an essentially seamless transition to acting. Her first high-profile role was no less than Helen of Troy in 2004’s Troy (opposite Brad Pitt).

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