What Makes Something Pathological?

What is an example of pathology?

Pathology involves examining the cause of illness, how it develops, the effect of the illness on cells and the outcome of the illness.

The aspects of illness that may be studied include cellular pathology, cell necrosis or cell death, wound healing, cancer formation and inflammation..

What does pathological mean?

English Language Learners Definition of pathological : extreme in a way that is not normal or that shows an illness or mental problem. medical : relating to or caused by disease. technical : of or relating to the study of diseases : relating to pathology.

What is a pathological symptom?

Definition: Abnormal anatomical or physiological conditions and objective or subjective manifestations of disease, not classified as disease or syndrome. Synonym(s): Symptoms and General Pathology / Narrow term(s):

What is a pathological reaction?

Pathologic reaction is an inadequate and harmful reaction of the body or some of its systems to the ordinary (e.g., some foods) or extraordinary (pathogenic) stimuli. Pathologic reaction is inadequate in quantitative or qualitative sense and outruns the limits of the individual norm.

What does pathological mean in psychology?

Description. Psychological pathology is the study of the causes, components, course, and consequences of psychological disorders. These are characterized by abnormality and dysfunction.

What is pathological fear?

Pathological anxiety is conceptualized as an exaggerated fear state in which hyperexcitability of fear circuits that include the amygdala and extended amygdala (i.e., bed nucleus of the stria terminalis) is expressed as hypervigilance and increased behavioral responsivity to fearful stimuli.

What are pathological personality traits?

These pathological personality traits are maladaptive variants of the Big Five personality dimensions of emotional stability (negative affectivity), low extraversion (detachment), low agreeableness (antagonism), low conscientiousness (disinhibition), and openness (psychoticism; Thomas et al., 2013).

What’s another word for pathological?

What is another word for pathological?compulsiveobsessiveillogicalhardenedextremeneuroticpathologicuncontrolledunreasoningincorrigible103 more rows

What is pathological family?

A pathological family system can retard and distort the developmental stages and prevent nor- mal growth. According to Erik Erikson (1950), growth and development of human beings is a series of stages from birth to death.