Quick Answer: Who Has The Highest Kill Count In Fortnite?

Is 12 kills in fortnite good?

Im getting the same amount of kills but it all depends on your playstyle and where you land.

In any game mode I average between 4 and 8, my most is 12 (squad game) and my least is 1 (also squad game).

Getting 12 kills including the game winner was one of the best moments in this game for me.

Felt so good!.

Who’s the worst fortnite player?

SmittySmitty, the greatest worst Fortnite gamer in history, was battling in his best Solo match EVER when destiny strikes. May God have mercy on all Internet companies who ruin lives around the world.

Who was the first fortnite player ever?

If you think playing video games doesn’t pay, go talk to 16-year-old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf.

Who is actually the best fortnite player?

#1 – Bugha There is only one Fortnite player that could top a list of the best. Bugha still plays Fortnite at the high level he is known for. As the current, and only, Fortnite World Cup Solos Champion, he’ll remain the best until someone proves otherwise.

What is the most kills in fortnite Chapter 2?

34 KILL SOLO VS SQUADS WIN! ( NEW RECORD!!) #FaZe5. Zemie. Zemie. • 6.1K views 4 months ago.34 Kill Solo Squad World Record Gameplay!(Pc) – Fortnite Battle Royale – @cloakzy. 18 kills 38 left! Cloakzy. Cloakzy. • 117K views 2 years ago.40 Kills Solo Squads On Controller. Dizzle. Dizzle. • 25M views 1 year ago.

What is the world record for most kills in fortnite mobile?

MobileModeKillsDateSolo vs Squad3902/25/19Duo vs Squad3105/15/18Squad4610/10/18

Who has the most kills in fortnite creative?

LazarBeam Breaks Fortnite Kill RecordHe moved on to the Battle Lab to reach a 2721 bot kills, which took a lot of patience. … Moving on to the creative mode – “the game was never designed to be pushed this way.” Partnering up with Epic gave him all the creative freedom he needed to finish his challenges and set new records.More items…•

What is the longest pistol kill in fortnite?

– Fortnite Funny and Best Moments Ep. 287 (Fortnite Royale)

What is the longest fortnite game?

the victory royaleUsing a shed load of bandages, med kits, and floppers, LazarBeam and his crew managed to break the hour mark in their game, lasting a grand total of one hour, four minutes, and 55 seconds. “That’s it!” shouts LazarBeam as his final friend falls victim to the storm, leaving him with the victory royale.

What is the longest snipe in fortnite?

3) Longest snipe (Titanium 900:Unconfirmed) While this record is one of the most difficult to verify, various gamers have been reported to have shot longer than 200 meters with a sniper. Players like Tfue have been known to have registered snipes from more than 1400 meters away (1473, to be precise).

Who killed the most warzones?

Atlanta FaZe Call of Duty pros Priestahh, Cellium, and aBeZy teamed up with content creator Vikkstar123 to pick up an insane 138 kills. They shattered the previous record of 121 kills set by TeePee, DougisRaw, Symfuhny, and HusKerrs on May 15.

What world record does Nickmercs hold?

Originall… Nickmercs Fortnite World Record Beaten! Since late December 2017, Nickmercs held the record for the most kills in a squad match at 54 kills. Just a few weeks later, he achieved 55 kills beating his own record.

Who has the most kills in one game?

Warzone Quads Kill Record The current kill record for a game of Warzone Quads stands at a mindblowing 138, courtesy of Vikram ‘Vikkstar123’ Barn and CDL pro players Preston ‘Priestahh’ Greiner, McArthur ‘Cellium’ Jovel, and Tyler ‘ABeZy’ Pharris.

Can you get 99 kills in fortnite?

Pretty much 0, in a regular game. Even if you disregard the fact that it is exceptionally unlikely that no opponents will kill each other, there is still a large amount of players in every game that are lost to the storm or die from falling. … However, it is possible for a player to get all 99 kills on a custom server.

Is fortnite dying?

Fortnite has been labeled a dying game for some time now, but it just won’t die. … People truly want to know if the game is dying. Advertisement. On the competitive side of things, the scene appears to be thriving.

What is SypherPK’s real name?

Ali HassanAli Hassan (born: May 10, 1996 (1996-05-10) [age 24]), better known online as SypherPK, is a professional Fortnite player on YouTube and Twitch. He is well known for his Educational Fortnite Gameplay (Tips and Tricks). He is a part of Team Luminosity.

Who has the most kills in one game of fortnite?

One player, Elemental_Ray, broke the structure that players were standing on in his game — killing 48 of them, and setting the new record for solo kills in Fortnite.