Quick Answer: Does Ben And Riley Get Together?

Does Ben end up with anyone in baby daddy?

In season 3 they date.

They are on-off for all of seasons 3 and 4, until everyone realizes that Riley has feelings for Danny.

After some initial anger, Ben puts his feelings aside and helps Danny and Riley finally get together, despite still being in love with her..

Does Ben and Zoey get together?

Zoey moved ino the building in Season 5. She has feelings for Ben, but won’t go on a date with him. She has a son named Hunter.

Is Riley Pregnant baby daddy?

There’s going to be another baby daddy on Baby Daddy! As the season 5 finale showed, Riley is pregnant with Danny’s child. And as the season 6 premiere clip above reveals, Danny is just as clueless about babies as you would expect him to be.

Why did the show baby daddy end?

What happened behind the scenes to cause the end? Simple finances. Disney used funds earmarked for Baby Daddy and were diverted to land the new Black-ish spinoff featuring the Johnsons; the family which are the stars of Black-ish.

Does Riley end up with Ben or Danny?

She and Danny have been friends since childhood, and although Danny has been in love with her since they were six, Riley was oblivious to it and always had a crush on Ben. However, in the end Riley Perrin ends up marrying Danny and they have a baby together.

Who is Emma’s mom on baby daddy?

Angela (Mimi Gianopulos): The mother of Emma and the ex-girlfriend of Ben. When her daughter was 3 months old, she abandoned her on Ben’s doorstep. She’s an aspiring actress who had since moved to California.

What episode does Riley die in Girl Meets World?

Girl Meets GoodbyeGirl Meets Goodbye is the twenty-first and final episode in season 3 of Girl Meets World and the 72nd and final episode overall.

Why did they change Riley’s mom on baby daddy?

Jennifer Perrin is the mother of Riley Perrin. Jennifer’s sister Margot had Riley when she was a teenager, so Jennifer decided to raise Riley as her own. She currently resides in New Jersey with Riley’s father.

Who does Tucker end up with in baby daddy?

Tucker DobbsRomancesVanessa (Ex-Girlfriend) Stephanie Jameson (Ex-Girlfriend) Olivia (Ex-Wife) Renae (Ex-Girlfriend) Sondra (Ex-Girlfriend, currently dating)FriendsBen Wheeler (best friend) Danny Wheeler ( best friend) Riley Perrin best friend) Bonnie Wheeler Emma Wheeler (Goddaughter/best friend)Production11 more rows

Who is Bonnie’s baby daddy?

Bonnie WheelerHair ColorBlondeFamilyNana Lyle (mother) Danny Wheeler (son) Ben Wheeler (son) Emma Wheeler (granddaughter) Puck Wheeler (grandson) Riley Perrin (daughter-in-law) Brad (husband) Unnamed daughter (Daughter)RomancesRay Wheeler (ex-husband) Brad (husband) Marshall Dobbs (fling) Jone(two dates)13 more rows

Who does Riley end up with?

But it finally came to an end on last Friday’s episode and Lucas finally ended up “choosing” (I use that word sooooo loosely — more on that later) between Riley and Maya. And the girl he ended up with is… RILEY! Rucas shippers rejoice!

Do Riley and Danny get together in baby daddy?

Riley and Danny break up though. The fight for two months, but later make up and get back together. At the end of season 5 Riley reveals she is pregnant with his child. In season 6 episode 8, Danny and Riley get married.

What episode do Danny and Riley get together?

In the season finale of season 4, Riley and Danny kiss at Bonnie and Brad’s wedding. In the end, Danny proposes to Riley, which ends in a cliffhanger.

Why did Riley and Danny break up?

In an interview with TV Line, Baby Daddy series creator Dan Berendsen gave a few hints on what fans can expect come season 5B. He explained that the break up was necessary to see if Danny and Riley were really meant to be together, which he said they truly were.

What season do Ben and Riley get together?

Ben and Riley have known each other since they were kids and Riley had a huge crush on Ben that went unnoticed by him. However, Ben starts to develop feelings for her during the second season, trying multiple times to see if they would make a good couple. They then begin dating in the episode “Surprise!’

When did the show baby daddy end?

May 22, 2017Baby Daddy/Final episode date

What happened in the last episode of baby daddy?

May 22, 2017Baby Daddy/Final episode date