Question: What’S Wrong With Betas Face?

Why does beta not show his face?

Unlike Alpha and the other Whisperers, Beta never seems to want to reveal his face, almost out of fear of revealing something big about himself..

Why did Negan kill Glenn?

That, however, wouldn’t be the case. Negan wound up beating two members of Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group to death. Negan would wind up killing Glenn to prove a point to Daryl (Norman Reedus), following the latter’s outburst.

Who kills Negan?

That’s when Rick whipped out a knife and slashed Negan across the throat with one swift stroke.

Who did beta kill?

Beta is Alpha’s right-hand man who carries two knives. In an encounter with Michonne and Aaron, Beta stabs Aaron and attempts to kill Michonne until Dwight and several members of the Militia save them.

What does Negan say to beta?

When Beta finally meets his end in Season 10, Negan tells Daryl, “S–t. You know who that a–hole was?” Daryl remarks, “Yeah.

Does Negan kill Alpha?

Alpha is eventually murdered and beheaded herself by Negan, who had formed an intimate relationship with her. He subsequently delivers her head to Carol with whom he had been working with the whole time.

Does Negan kill beta?

Blinded by hatred, Beta goes after Negan, bolstered by the fearlessness given to him by Alpha’s mantra. Daryl, bathed in walker blood in order to blend into the horde, comes out of nowhere and plunges his knives deep into Beta’s eye sockets, blinding him.

Why did beta kill the whisperer?

The Whisperer can’t get anything else out before Beta quickly murders him. Why? Because Beta doesn’t want to be recognized. He doesn’t anyone to know who he is.

Does Beta die in the comics?

In the comics, Beta is killed after he is shot in the chest by Aaron (Ross Marquand) towards the end of the war between the Whisperers and the communities. … Prior to the zombie apocalypse, Beta was a famous NBA player and an actor.

What did Negan mean when Betta dies?

embrace all deathApart from wearing skin and roaming in the wild, a key tenet in the way of the Whisperpers was “embrace all death.” Arguably, Alpha didn’t entirely adhere to this motto (although Negan didn’t exactly give her a chance to smile) but Beta bought in 100%. Naturally, this means embracing his own death too.

How does Alpha die?

Alpha dies a brutal bloody death when she is decapitated by Neegan. He murders the leader of the Whisperers after he’s released by Brandon Rose, who was hoping the baseball bat-wielding villain would actually help him.

Why does beta wear a mask?

Beta’s Mask Has Special Significance It’s the mask of the very friend Beta loved and couldn’t stay with. Alpha convinced him to wear the mask so he could take his friend everywhere, leave the facility and walk with her among the dead.

Will we ever see betas face?

Yes, we will,” Kang told EW when asked if we’ll ever see Beta’s bare face. “And it will be Walking Dead weird.” In a flashback set seven years before current action, Alpha meets Beta when taking refuge from walkers in a rehab facility now serving as Beta’s lair.

Does beta ever take his mask off?

In the comics, Beta similarly refuses to take off his mask. His identity is only revealed when he is killed by Aaron and Jesus at the end of the Whisperer War.

Who is beta supposed to be?

“TWD” season 10, episode 13 confirmed Beta’s mysterious identity when he was revealed to be a famous country singer before the zombie apocalypse. There have been teases on both “TWD” and spin-off “Fear TWD” about Beta’s reveal you may have missed, including a record with Hurst’s face on it.

Does Beta die?

Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead” season 10 finale, “A Certain Doom.” Beta met his end on Sunday’s episode when he was killed by Daryl. Some fans may be frustrated that the scene between Negan, Daryl, and Beta — three fan favorites — was over before it really even began.

Does Daryl die in walking dead?

AliveDaryl Dixon/Status

Does Negan sleep with Alpha?

In Robert Kirkman’s comics, Negan is attracted to Alpha, but the two never have a sexual relationship. There’s no time for that. Negan doesn’t spend many issues with the Whisperers in the comics. When he is with them, he’s much more vulgar towards Alpha.