Question: How Much Is Tainui Worth?

Where is Tainui Waka buried?

Kāwhia is the place where the ancestral waka (canoe) Tainui landed for the last time – so it is sacred to the Tainui people.

The waka was tied to this pōhutukawa tree, known as Tangi-te-korowhiti, and was later buried behind Maketū marae near the present-day township..

What is the largest iwi in New Zealand?

Largest iwi by populationNgāpuhi – 125,601 (in 2013) – based in the Northland Region.Ngāti Porou – 71,049 (in 2013) – based in Gisborne and East Cape.Ngāti Kahungunu – 61,626 (in 2013) – based on the east coast of the North Island.Ngāi Tahu – 54,819 (in 2013) – based in the South Island.More items…

Did Tainui sign the Treaty of Waitangi?

22 May 1995 Waikato–Tainui was the first iwi to reach an historical Treaty of Waitangi settlement with the Crown for injustices that went back to the wars and land confiscations (raupatu) of the 1860s. The Deed of Settlement included cash and land valued at a total of $170 million.

Is Tainui an iwi?

Tainui is a tribal waka confederation of New Zealand Māori iwi. The Tainui confederation comprises four principal related Māori iwi of the central North Island of New Zealand: Hauraki, Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Raukawa and Waikato.

When did the Tainui waka come to NZ?

approximately 800 years agoIn Maori tradition, Tainui was one of the great ocean-going canoes in which polynesians migrated to New Zealand approximately 800 years ago.

What is your hapu?

In Māori and New Zealand English, a hapū (“subtribe”, or “clan”) functions as “the basic political unit within Māori society”.

Why did Tainui leave hawaiki?

Te Arawa and its crew left Hawaiki after a conflict over food resources involving Houmaitawhiti and his sons Tamatekapua and Whakatūria against the chiefs Toi and Uenuku. According to some accounts the canoe was saved by a mystical shark (arawa), for which the canoe was named. …

What Tainui owns?

The Waikato Raupatu TrustTainui Group HoldingsTrade nameTainui GroupTotal equityNZ$861.56 million (2015)OwnerThe Waikato Raupatu TrustMembers67,000 (2015)ParentTe Whakakitenga o Waikato Incorporated9 more rows

How did Tainui get its name?

The Tainui waka was named after an infant who did not survive childbirth. At the burial site of this child, at a place in Hawaiki known then as Maungaroa, a great tree grew; this was the tree that was used to build the ocean canoe.