How Much Does Mee6 Cost?

Is mee6 safe?

You It’s perfectly safe and it’s a well known website to people who use the Discord app or website.

It’s a completely safe website about a Discord bot.

However, it has some very unique features of its own.

This MEE6 bot is used mainly for levels but after a while, chose to use the other feature via this site..

How does mee6 rank work?

When someone sends a message, MEE6 will give them XP points so they can level up. You can even tweak the difficulty by changing the amount of XP points earned per message.

Can I rename mee6?

Give a name to your application and press Create. Don’t worry about it now, you can always change the name of your bot at any time!

Can mee6 lock channels?

If a whole channel is acting up, then ProBot can lock the channel and clear its messages.

Is mee6 a virus?

mee6 is a bot, that has no use on discord. mee6 also is spreading through servers like a virus, which it is. Mee6 is only added to servers because uneducated server owners see it on other similar servers, and add it, thinking its a good bot. It is not.

Does mee6 cost money?

MEE6 Premium is a subscription you can get to support the development of the bot. It is not mandatory to use MEE6 but allows you to unlock exclusive features if you get it.

Is the mee6 bot free?

MEE6 – The Best Free Music Bot for Discord.

What is the highest mee6 level?

1,768,802What I do know is; The highest reachable level is 1,768,802 which would take 935 billion years if you sent a message every minute.

Why is mee6 offline?

Due to a small hiccup with Discord, MEE6 is offline as well as many other bots.