How Much Does An AstraZeneca Sales Rep Make?

Does AstraZeneca have a pension?

AstraZeneca Defined Benefit Pension Plan: Corporate Pension in United States, North America.

AstraZeneca Defined Benefit Pension Plan is a Corporate Pension located in Wilmington, DE United States, North America..

What is a typical base salary for sales?

As of Dec 14, 2020, the average annual pay for a Sales Base in the United States is $47,504 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $22.84 an hour. This is the equivalent of $914/week or $3,959/month.

Does Verizon have cellular sales?

Cellular Sales is a management company that operates authorized wireless phone stores for Verizon Wireless throughout the United States.

How many stores does Cellular Sales have?

780 storesToday, Cellular Sales has over 780 stores in 41 states with over 7,200 team members nationwide.

How much does a sales rep for Sysco make?

The typical Sysco Sales Representative salary is $54,580. Sales Representative salaries at Sysco can range from $38,340 – $98,943.

How much do drug sales reps make?

According to the 2016 Pharma Sales Salary Report, the average yearly salary for PSRs in the United States is currently $122,107, with a mean base of $90,862. Specialty pharma reps earn higher salaries at $138,150 on average.

What drugs do AstraZeneca make?

Country specific information is available from your local AstraZeneca company.Atacand, Atacand HCT, Atacand Plus. candesartan cilexetil. … Crestor. rosuvastatin. … Lokelma. Sodium zirconium cyclosilicate. … Seloken ZOK, Toprol-XL, Betaloc ZOK. metoprolol succinate. … XIGDUO XR. dapagliflozin and metformin HCI extended-release.

Is pharmaceutical sales a good career?

Pharmaceutical sales is a popular career choice for job-seekers because it offers excellent potential — in career growth, income, and benefits.

Is medical sales a good career?

Job Satisfaction Good news for prospective Medical Sales Reps, a study done by Medreps found 72% of Medical sales representative are either satisfied or very satisfied with their job. That’s higher than the national average for job satisfaction.

What is a good commission rate for sales?

The low end usually bottoms out at 5%, with some companies paying as much as 40 – 50% commission per sale. These are typically businesses that have implemented a commission-only structure. Despite such a large range, the industry average usually tends to land between 20 – 30% of gross margins.

Is Cellular Sales part of Verizon?

Cellular Sales is an American wireless retailer based in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is an authorized agent for Verizon Wireless and recognized as its largest retailer in the United States. Cellular Sales operates more than 745 retail stores across 42 states in the U.S. The company was ranked on Inc.

Why do pharmaceutical sales reps make so much money?

Prescription medications play a key role in the healthcare industry and can treat virtually all medical conditions. … Reps must possess a high degree of scientific and clinical knowledge about the products they are selling and are rewarded with some of the highest salaries in the sales industry.

How much does a cellular sales rep make?

The typical Cellular Sales Sales Representative salary is $51,505. Sales Representative salaries at Cellular Sales can range from $534 – $108,087.

Is Cellular Sales a good job?

Cellular sales is a low stress and profitable company to work for. The leadership team will challenge you to reach your goals and maximize your potential. In my personal experience I was driven to improve not only at work but personally as well. I highly recommend working for this company!

Is AstraZeneca a good company to work for?

Being an employee at AstraZeneca has both pros and cons. Pros: Based on your position, your objectives and your teammates, it is a great place to work. Working at AstraZeneca was one of the best decisions that I have made in my career. … And as a Sales Rep, I have a lot of fun doing my job.

Does AstraZeneca pay well?

AstraZeneca pays its employees an average of $107,439 a year. … AstraZeneca employees with the job title Sales Representative, Pharmaceuticals make the most with an average annual salary of $94,443, while employees with the title Research Associate, Biotechnology make the least with an average annual salary of $62,088.

Which sales reps make the most money?

The highest-paying sales job in the US pays as much as $185,000 a year—here are the other 6Sales engineer. Glassdoor salary range: $68,000-$185,000. … Software sales rep. Glassdoor salary range: $50,000-$141,000. … Realtor. … Pharmaceutical sales. … Major gifts officer. … Medical device sales rep. … Recruiter.

Is a sales job stressful?

In a survey by online career database PayScale, sales account manager was ranked as the second most stressful job, with 73 percent of respondents rating the role as “highly stressful.” Salespeople are under a lot of pressure to meet quota, convert quickly, and keep approval rankings high.